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“Calm Down, Focus and Get your Mojo working”

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Our story


The mission of Mojowa is to help people, to make their lives better and to help them get the most of their lives by encouraing them to take challenges out of comfort zone. Because out of comfort zone is where the magic happens.  Dating pill is our project on Calm energy. We believe that it is a great idea to mitigate stress (no reason to activate the same system as being chased by a lion, when going on a Date, public speech and etc.) yet stimulate the mind to a clearer,  more focused, cognitive- enhanced state. of mind.  Go Beyond yourself and make most of Your life! Don’t be afraid to just take the action! 

That’s why we say

Calm down – Stay Focused – Get your Mojo working!


My name is Martin Drotar, but call me Dro. I am a founder of Mojowa company.

I used to work in an IT company as administrator. I’ve never especially liked that job, most of the tasks were easy going, but sometimes it was pretty stressful environment. I was an administrator and my supervisors, the guys hierarchically above me, were team-leaders. Being a team-leader is pretty stressful as I observed. You’re somewhere in the middle, some kind of a connection between big important guys above that dictate the orders and the guys down who do the manual work as to say. Being a team- leader is to be bound by lots of responsibility on how to communicate to the team to get the things done properly. Some handle it better than the others. Nevermind the topic of a team-leader job, since I was never a team-leader myself hence I can’t  embark any self- experienced remarks on how tough the position is and so on. 

But there was this guy (a team- leader)  in this IT company. He was always frantically running around open – office, usually sweating his shirt down pretty bad, his face all pale and full of deadly worries. Back then I called him the Worried man.

Worried Man 

Even though Worried man was full of worries, the rumors were that he was a fantastic guy. Aged 37, father of two young kids, good husband, really hard team- worker and just really good colleague and friend. Apparently he was doing anything to stay competitive to provide his family a comfort living and his career in this sense meant a lot to him. It seems pretty familiar doesn’t it? I didn’t know that guy personally, but it just really felt that the rumors were true.

As the days passed, working on a project or two, doing pretty much my routine work, there it suddenly was. The information that did a bang in my head and struck me. Actually it did bang to the whole company. The worried man was dead…

Apparently his heart was weak and the  stress he had undertaken on a daily basis, had taken its toll. The epinephrine secreted in his body dumped all the plagues into his weak cardiovascular system and his heart was no longer able to process the burden of blood tsunami entering his weak heart, so it perished.

It really touched me even though I did not know that guy in person. I asked myself, how could I help so this just doesn’t happen again? It’s OK to be competitive in a job, and day – to – day stress helps you focus on important task. But remember, chronic stress is a bad thing. There is a time when you should not activate the same stress response system as if you were chased by a bear and your life is in danger. This stress response system is good when you’re chased by a bear, but it’s good just for short period of time. Chronically it eats you up. And we have just one stress response switch/system that we activate – either when our life is threatened or when a student worries if she/he gets a good grade from an exam.

I believe that there is no reason to activate the same system as when chased by a bear at a daily tasks. Working hard at a job, as a team – leader for instance, going on a date, public speech, facing social anxiety and etc. Yet it happens, when you cross your comfort zone and there is very little you can do about it. There are ways how to sedate yourself and literally pass out from the worries. But the mentioned tasks like dating, working on reports, public speech, going on an interview, be sociable, just coping with challenging tasks require also enough mental energy to accomplish them.

So the question was:

How to mitigate stress to negligible level, yet bring enough focus power to the brain so it could easily manage challenging tasks?

Calm down & stimulate focus

Our Solution – Dating pill 

I’ve done a huge research, bought many supplements and read lots of literature on a topic of stress, anxiety, calm down techniques. Surprisingly I found the solution not in USA, but in Russia. In  50s and 60s Russian biochemists were trying to come up with a solution for Soviet astronauts. Before the launch of the rocket the astronauts were exposed to a large stress apparently. They needed to calm down to handle the situation, yet the could not afford to lose their cognitive abilities, clear minded thinking. I mean a glass of Vodka would not help in this situation, because it would help the astronaut to get rid of stress, but he would be also stupid enough to mess things up during such an intense process as launching a space rocket is. So professor Neumyvakhin came with a solution called Phenibut and later Picamilon, that suits our purposes even better. This is GABA (gamma- aminobutyric acid) the natural inhibitor of sympathetic nervous system that commands our stress response. There are many GABA supplements out there on a market. The problem is most of them are not designed to cross a BBB or so called brain blood barrier that blocks GABA from entering in. Professor Neumyvakhin solved this problem when he created a solution for this. Phenyl group on Phenibut and Niacin in Picamilon help GABA to enter smoothly through BBB and get in our system. We preferred  and chose Picamilon over Phenibut since of numerous reasons, but the biggest is that Niacin itself is one of the major component of energy drinks and hence it gives you energy. What a great combination if you could have anti- stress effect of GABA, and the same time benefit from niacin that gives you stimulatory effect. The result is simple – Calm Energy. The solution for mitigating the risk from challenging activities, that deploy stress response system,  yet focusing on the challenges better with more energy.

Picamilon is not the only ingredient of the stack, but it’s a guarantee, that GABA the best component for blocking sympathetic impulses,  is delivered through BBB. The other ingredients are also great. What you have there is  L-arginine, L-theanine, L-tyrosine caffeine (don’t worry as the anxiety effect is totally annihilated by anti- anxiety components) and other ingredients. There is also a little extra: Herbal Adaptogens that are probably not necessary to introduce in contemporary market: Ginseng, Maca, Muira Puama and etc. They help you to cope with stress naturally and to some they have aphrodisiac effects.

Why is it called Dating pill 

We called our supplement Dating pill since of reason that sometimes we would rather die than go on a Date and risk the possibility of being ashamed, feeling dehumanized even.

We wanted to help those Dating couples relax the tension yet get deeper into that special moment of two.

Dating pill is not only for dating people, it brings a solution everywhere where you need to calm down, stay focused and get that mojo going. It’s for challenging events. Everywhere whereyou need to calm down your stress levels, yet don’t just  stop functioning, but rather to enhance your mental energy. Yes ,Dating pill is a nootropic too.

Dating pill is 

  • Health OK – no side effects, more than half a century of experience with supplement components. We encourage you to be smart with it though.
  • It’s no prescription drug, nor we do want to supplement this market of xanax, benzodiazepines and such. It’s a supplement most of all not a prescription drug. Yet one of a best stacks of Calm energy supplements on the market.
  • It’s not a magic pill and we will never claim it to be. If you’re sick – you need to visit a doctor. We also encourage our customers to follow stress management programs and special techniques on how to succeed in Dating, career, study results and etc. Dating pill is a dietary supplement for challenging events.

Benefits for You 

  • You can get calmer before and during a stressful event.  
  • You can get more mentally focused on a task and your cognition is enhanced. 
  • You can get more talkative, friendly, easy – going, just fine mood you know.
  • You can get more sense of purpose and jump in to  things you need to do more easily that you would normally.
  • You can be more “don’t give a damn kind of guy” with Dating pill. “Oh, that girl didn’t wanna talk to me. Whatever, let’s go to next one. Or this  prospect is busy, he seems annoyed, when I am talking to him. Whatever, let’s just try next one.”


Dating pill – the supplement.


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