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Dating pill can help in mitigating stress & stimulating cognition. It’s not the only solution to our problems, but it really can be a huge aid in challenging events. We encourage You to go for it, don’t be afraid to get what You Want!  

How to succeed at dating

Going on a first date can be a hard task no doubt about it. Generally speaking the one should be excited in a positive way when going on a date. In the end we do it for our well – being. Everybody needs someone with whom she/he could get together and share some secrets of the soul. We think that this is a tendency that one should mentally bound to as much as possible. Going on a date is a privilege and treat not an intimidation. If you could stay mathematically rational around this thesis, all should be fine, even though staying rationale when it comes to dating job it’s pretty tough, since bonding is dominant realm of emotions.

Yes, there are these techniques, and we’re pretty sure you’ve read them more than once:

  • People should meditate on a regular basis. This bring inside tranquility and mental recharge.
  • People should talk positively about themselves: “I can do it! It’s just a date, not an end of a world, it’s fun, it’s fun pleasure, nothing wrong happens, if it’s not a success.”
  • You should rate your anxiety feelings with a number – on a scale of 1-10 (1 is great, 10 is a disaster) how do you feel – this brings up some rationale, some number to your thoughts. If you feel on a no.#4 then where’s the problem?
  • Breathe – Obviously deep regular breath can do miracles to your body and it acts as suppressant of excitatory mechanism – epinephrine.
  • Try to smile a lot – One positive to this, that your date is going to appreciate – much more if you were grouchy face – the other positive outcome to this, your body gets this as a signal you’re all right, and the biochemistry starts to work in this fashion.
  • For your first date – do something. Be active! This helps a lot, as when moving the tension goes away. Your brain is constantly working, for instance when you take a walk the outside scenery is moving and keep you brain in action – so it’s no bored, and even when there is a quite moment, when nobody says anything, it’s doesn’t matter as much, as if you sat in restaurant facing each other statically. Actually about nobody says anything there should be some future talk for sure.

We tell you. Get a coach! Educate yourself, do something about it! Then implement what you’ve learned in theory. Implement it in action and learn from it. That is the learning process, gaining skill. Action terrifying you? Are you scared to talk to that beautiful woman? Or girl, are you mad, cuz that good looking guy seems to not give a damn? When show up some confidence, people love that! Not confident enough? Try boosting it with Dating pill!

How to succeed at dating – Still shaky, should I drink wine? 

Yeah, you’re doing all the techniques, hassling hard to bring up rationale to your mind, but the brain is still shaky. The anxiety, the emotional question – you know what? I’d rather not go at all on this date , kind of stuff running all over your head. This is hard to overcome, if not almost impossible. Then there is this idea (usually guys have it)  – why not to put some alcohol in my system, so I relax a bit, shake off that nervousness , calm down. Wine is perfect, but not on a first date! Yeah alcohol is going to help you shake off some tension, your muscles relax as well, but when drinking too much, you might say dumb things that you’d rather not  say on a first date, like comments on a  person’s body parts and so on. You know it’s pretty hard to kill the temptation of having two glasses of wine instead of one, same with beer, vodka is even harder.

Instead we prefer Dating pill before the first date (nothing wrong, with second or third, it may help even when interesting things happen – The job).

Dating pill is going to release the tension in your mind – mitigate stress. You should feel more relaxed like after drinking a cup of wine, but instead of sedating your brain like from an alcohol, the properties in dating pill only make you more cognitive vigilant and focused on the important moment as your date is.

So in the end you should benefit from mitigated stress and improved mental focus on this moment that can be great. Whether it’ll be great or not depends solely on you, of course! But Dating pill can help significantly in bringing some of that calm energy, that can be transferred to something great like longterm relationship – marriage – kids & family.

So how to succeed at dating ? Straight up! Positive attitude, educate yourself & bring it to action and have dating pill to  get extra help.

Calm Down, Focus & Get Your Mojo Working!

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Calm Down ,Focus & Get Your Mojo Working!