Dating pill  is a calm energy.

If you’re really feeling that you’re not reaching your full potential, you should know by now that internet is full of different  hints / tips and different learning material that can help to learn to get on right path. You must have googled millions of things. And you must have had a feelings that sometimes there is just too much out there that it’s becoming overwhelming. A person with an internet connections and busload of faith can literally change his / her life one step after another.

It is not easy though. Reading about how to change things in your life is different than actually doing it. Just imagine learning from some dating guru to execute certain techniques or tricks to approach and get numbers of beautiful women. Yet in a terrain you would see a girl like this and your throat would run dry like a water on a desert (if you’re guy):


Here we want to give you courage and strength to choose your path to greatness. Don’t just dream about stuff. Learn from others that’s good. But also execute the theory in the real world – that’s the real learning. You can do this with dating pill.

You are larger than you think you are

It is quite easy to limit oneself. To put labels on somebody. Labels words that are capable of putting intangible phenomena into forms. Words are putting cushions around and they are not letting go. Our mind has evolved to think in forms. It’s easy to think of yourself that you can’t outgrow certain challenge that it is insurmountable for you. Human being is after all an organism built of mortal molecules. We can fall into mediocrity rather easily. And that’s fine. But realize two things:

  • Creativity is not really you. Creativity is the thing you cannot put into labels. Creativity comes from God or master universe name it how you want it. We are just instruments. We are just holders of creativity in another words we’re not creative ourselves. Even if you do not think of you as a creative person you can have billion $ ideas.
  • The best people out of best had worries just like you. They thought at a certain moment that they’re not good enough. The only difference between them and mediocre people is that great ones persevered. They went on and never stopped. Simply there is not a different option.

Dating pill 

Dating pill is your guide in the decisive / determining moment when you’re at the edge of your big decision – should I go for it or no? Your anxiety is telling you NO!

  • You should not approach
  • You shouldn’t take that chance
  • You are not good enough
  • You are too pussy
  • You will have plenty of opportunity in the future (No you won’t! If you really want it go get it! )

Dating pill is telling you Yes!

  • You’re feeling energetic – why not doing this?
  • You don’t give a damn – what the hell if I fail?
  • You do feel present more than past or future – not relevant.
  • You have motivation – I’m doing this.
  • You’re more confident in yourself.

Dating pill is calm energy. It is mitigating anxiety / stress without making you sedated and sleepy. It’s an energy supplement at the same time.  It’s that big help you have in you when you face your challenge. You still need to work on yourself, but it will back you up in your big fight to excellence.


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