There is lot of content out there concerning dating, techniques and how to be successful in dating.  However , 80 % of success is attitude, rest 20% is the dating industry.

A new age in dating 

We believe that we are introducing  a new product that can help out lot of people out there. It’s called dating pill and it is bringing sort of a new age in dating. You know there are tons of materials and quality content how to be good in dating new people – tips and tricks and lot of coaching out there and that’s good. Probably the hottest material in this industry is direct approach game. Our favorite guy in this field is Sasha:

There is not much more evidence – based marketing than going directly to the field and asking women out. It’s probably the hottest most practical material that you are ever gonna get, but here’s one thing – You can watch it no matter how many times you like, but you’ll never become that guy if you won’t try it for yourself.

Ladies have it easier in this instance.  They do not need to boost their confidence in order to approach guys. Well at least not in conservative countries. Countries were conventions are more liberal have it opposite, or at least there are examples that ladies approach guys. However even let’s say that girls do not need to approach anyone, boys love confidence in girls, believe me.

The confidence, the habit, the experience it is all only honed when it’s put in practice. In order to make it happen, well let’s put it simple – you gotta go for it! That’s it! Now for this to make it happen, in order to be successful you really  have  to work on your attitude and skills.

Skills are learn-able from the videos just like the one  above. You can work on your non – verbal communication. It’s probably one of the most important things when it comes to dating. It’s definitely more important than your verbal expression.  When there is an attraction between two people, most of their attraction is done on biochemistry level. There are proteins MHCs involved, but we’re not going to talk about it. From the guy’s perspective I can say whether girl likes me or not, even before I know her as a person. It is something built in us, that tells us whether there is green light or red light – I am not saying that this intuition always works, but it’s pretty precise.

A huge part of this dating interaction consists of non – verbal communication. The way you hold your body, how do you stand, how do you move – this all tells you something about you and it tells the important things to the part of a brain that is responsible for decisions. By non – verbal communication you send signals to others and they can decide based on these signals whether they like you, don’t like you or that you’re indifferent to them.

This is our favorite guy when it comes to non – verbal communication practice:

Well, we would say to you –  become an emotional intelligence student- study how to get along with people at, well anything, just with people. This is called emotional intelligence training – go get it!  That’s gonna make you overall happier person, because we are social animals, and even though we think we can make it on our own – no we can’t!

But a new age in dating is this:

Attitude is probably 80% of the success really. You know that most of the action happens on biochemistry level, there are tons of learn – able skills that you can learn. In fact there is all industry that is built around teaching those skills. We are here to tell you about most important thing in a new age in dating.  This is your attitude or energy – calm energy in fact.

Could you just imagine that you just would not care? You would not care whether you tried to ask someone for a dinner, he /she would have said no and you said – Ok! And then just you would walk away without any solving in your head, no worries. Of course when you’re guy you should not give up that easily after one refusal, but this is about you head. You do not have a negative self talk, no stress, no risk of depression, no deprivation from failure.

This is what we are trying to achieve. This is our mission. We then want to encourage people to face their challenge – whether in dating or anything that feels like at the edge of comfort zone, that is not ordinary routine average shit stuff.

There are two ways how to achieve this:

  1. Dating pill 
  2. Find happiness in yourself – study yourself

Both things are topic of our blog. Dating pill is a calm energy. To sum this up:

What are the two things you need when going or getting a date with a beautiful person?

You need to calm down and boost your mental capacity, in another words, act smart. This is your energy. You want you show your positive energy towards different person, but you act calm. Everybody wants to be around calm and smart people who know their purpose in life. Many people drink alcohol before or even during their date to release some stress. This is not smart, because it’s very hard to overcome the temptation to stop after just one glass. Instead, people drink more than they should and it ends up making them act stupid. Have Dating pill instead!!! Pill will calm you down and you will be more focused to execute what your coaches are teaching you in the real world. Because the combination of Dating pill + Coaching is the winning combination. You need your coach to become good at dating skill just like anywhere else. But internet is full of them.


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This is a new age in dating. We help people to get calm energy and encourage them to be the best as they can.  Take a challenge and work on yourself !

Calm Down, Focus & Get Your Mojo Working!


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