Go Beyond Yourself – How to achieve success and happiness out of Ego

Happiness, achieving your full potential, big four

We all want success more or less. But what is success really? Usually being successful means to favorably accomplish one’s endeavors. These endeavors are usually connected to human desires and needs that are valid for all of us.  Generally people want four things – let’s call them Big Four – health, money, great relationships and sense of harmony (content). These are sort of like pillars of this blog.  I believe that all the additional desires are derivatives of these four main desires. First three desires are necessary for achieving the fourth desire and that is overall harmony of body and soul. Since this desire is superior to first three, it is the fundamental topic of this blog.  Harmony is a synonym of life’s potential. Reaching one’s life potential means living a fulfilled life. This blog is about inspiring people to achieve their full  life’s potential. After all our time from birth to death is pretty short and limited. We should get most of our lives.

I as a founder of presented company, I want to live an extraordinary life, the best I possibly can. I have been contemplating life’s purpose a lot since I got tired from a world-view that parties and having fun are not everything in this world. This happens to almost every human being that is reaching his 30s (well, sooner or later).

My conclusion led me to statement that,  I want to reach maximum satisfaction,  a Nirvana sort to say – no regrets, no disappointments, no wasted chances when my last seconds come. I’m somehow intimidated by murmur that people sometimes make – “If I only had another chance! My life is a complete waste! It should have been another way around. I should have been healthy, smart, prosperous, rich and famous. If only for not my parents, friends, injustices that had happened to me.” That sort of talk. Just scares me.

What is it to be happy with your life? In western civilization this is mostly associated with material well – being of individual. Being rich and famous. “I am a millionaire!” Or in contemporary world millionaires do not longer count – billionaires are those who matter. “I want to be billionaire, so freaking bad, buy all the things I never had, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen – goes one song. That is the modern mantra.  Cash is important, but does it bring happiness? I mean it does feel good when you buy a new car. For next couple of weeks you drive it with prestige, you smell the freshness, people are interested in your new thing, no wrong with that. The problem with that is that it does not last. In time people want to have nicer things around them. But does it make them happier? I am going to ask differently? Why super wealthy people get depressed and are generally unhappy? It’s because growing wealthy and being happier are not directly proportional. Their curves might go straight up in the beginning when making money does give you more joy in fact. But that’s about it for proportionality. And you might reach one point where money does not add any happiness. None. What about Warren Buffet? It’s only game for him. That guy is still driving his crappy car, living in middle class home, even though he is like second richest person in the world totaling 70 billion $. The problem is “more and more” concept. If you put yourself first into the pursuit of happiness, you can never win. “I want.” I want a better car,  better home, I want more beautiful girlfriend and so on. No matter what you achieve, your ego becomes tired of it and it asks for more.

Don’t get me wrong. Cash is definitely important , but it won’t get you the sense of harmony. That is why we’ll try to go deeper into the harmony level. We believe when you achieve your full potential that is when you’re naturally satisfied with your being – the cash comes naturally (as much as you Being needs).

Ok, so we got money covered. What else is needed? Health and great relationships.

When we talk about health on this blog, we’re going to cover usually topics with mitigating stress, because that’s the big part of our endeavor if not it’s fundamental topic (although like tips for healthy eating are not foreign to us) We are shouting “Get Your Mojo working” in the world and in traditional American fashion this means “Get Your Charm working”.  With that being said we have all two desires ticked, because you get your charm working only when disengaged of stress and charm is usually bringing new relationships.

Without great relationships, let’s face it, it’s hard for social animal like a human being to live a fulfilled, happy life.

So to put it all together – We in Mojowa are going to inspire you in topics of crucial human needs that is health, making money, building great relationships and achieving a state of harmony. Harmony is somehow superior and stands higher in our big four chart. The focus is going to be on harmony then in this part  to speak the fundamental principles. It starts with I am & Who am I.

It all begins with – “I Am” & “Who am I” 

I am! Jesus so many times said in the Bible…I am father, father is within me.  Who am I then?

If you read these words, these sentences – I am/ Who am I merely  by your rationality, thinking or let’s say your mind, then the time span for feeling these sentences is equal to one, probably two seconds. This is a very short time that sparks an attention in your mind. What about if we look to the emotions, that start the thinking process –  I am, who am I ? Ok, so it makes me think about myself. Ou right well then, I was born in 19xx, raised in the middle class family, attended school, I hate to brush my teeth in the morning, driving in the traffic jams, I am shy, stubborn, sensitive – vast remarks and labels to record  yourself with. It would take much more time to find a proper form of describing oneself. And even if we’d spent quite substantial time in doing so, would we have come to an end? And more importantly would have we found a truth about ourselves?

Who are you anyway? Who am I? How do I know it?

Well there are two approaches how to find out. First, is to dwell in your mind, just like described above. Search for concepts that describe you best. They are based on experiential and learned mindsets that build up your character and somehow they are crucial in determining your destiny.

Did you see that Margaret Thatcher movie with Meryl Streep? In one shot when she visited a doctor, a doctor said: “What are bound to be feeling, Margaret?” The Iron Lady, with huge abiding conviction to the legacy of western rationality , agitatedly replied: “What? What am I bound to be feeling? People don’t think anymore, they feel!  How are you feeling? Oh, I don’t feel comfortable, ooh so sorry, we the group, we are feeling. Do you know, one of the great problems of our age, is that we are governed by opeople, who care more about feelings, than they do about thoughts and ideas? Thougts and ideas? That interests me! Ask me what am I thinking?” And then it goes: “whatch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch  your actions, for they become your habits! Watch your habits for they become your character. And watch your character for it becomes your destiny! What we think we become – my father had always said that. And I think I am fine!” (Watch it here if you want – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZi0vLAhzgQ) – Oh what an Iron lady!

I once was a true advocate of pure rational thinking. That philosophy, which had catapulted Europe on a pedestal of civilizations in 17th century. It had done many good things particularly in science and art. It implanted the seed of thinking that the humanity is by its rationality superior to nature and all its laws.  Is that so?  Even though Stephen Hawking believes that the universe, the nature, God is fully understandable by the human mind, thinking and logic, there is no real evidence of mind based theory that is competent in describing the universe.

If I am is an integral part of the Universe  and if mind does not describe it adequately, then I do not see any clues why would rationality or mind be of use in understanding of who am I?

That leads me to second “dwelling” of who am I. This is more Jesus – like dwelling of I am/who am I. In another words, Jesus could not have envisioned himself “- I am – as a mind based construct. There is no rationality behind of  that a poor carpenter without any royalty would claim to be a king of nation. And at the same times he goes something about being a king of heavenly kingdom not of this world. Mind? No.

It’s spiritual dwelling indeed,  but it  is also an experiential thing. Nevertheless, we all experience God, holy spirit, something eternally powerful and indescribable. We just can’t explain it and put into the logical system that would be digestible for the mind.The wisdom and creativity of all geniuses of this world is said to be inspired from something deeper than mind. Although mind was for sure used, but the spark came from something deeper – touch of God to say  – Michelangelo, Picasso, Immanuel Kant even Steve Jobs had not referred to pure rationality of mind or the rational mind.

We all feel that there is something deeper than simple construct,  a mind – form. Had we not felt it, we would have not assembled religions and churches. Yet the path to understanding this deeper world is different than understanding concepts that we get to know through our thoughts, our mind.

If you gotten this far in the text and seemingly have no clue what this guy is going about, let me summarize it. The critical thing for achieving the  astounding  harmony and fulfillment in life is to start with “I am &  Who am I” proposition.  To understand this proposition means to look into your mind (rational thinking) and spiritual world. Where else would we be finding the answers for this proposition?

Mind or Ego vs. Consciousness 

You are not who you think you are! Don’t get identified with your thoughts. They are only thoughts, no matter how appealing they seem to be.

There is ever lasting battle in you between your identity extrapolated from your mind or your thoughts and the consciousness you are. Consciousness is relatively metaphysical concept at least for vast majority of people it is so difficult to grasp this premise. Why it is so difficult? Because even though at least once in lifetime we all experience this consciousness, this God living within us, it gets vanished in this exuberant pounding of thoughts. It is there but it’s covered by mind (thoughts) which is totally different entity. Consciousness or this divine entity equal to God is timeless. It does not recognize time  in conventional manner hence there is no past, future, but there is only now – the present moment.  Without it there’d have been no thoughts or mind – based constructs. It’s an inception of all constructs and creations in the universe. We can composedly call it God, the creator of universe. Consciousness is the only eternal entity in the universe. It does not have a time-frame nor any limitation.

On the another hand mind mixes past, present and future sets all together. Usually it is powered by Ego – the construct we all posses that tells us what do we want or what we lack. One of the strongest commandants of ego are food cravings, sexual desire, social companionship, will of power. In humans ,  ego is predominantly connected to big four desires described in the beginning of this blog. Better health, money, social appeal and overall life’s harmony are to be found directly or as derivatives of all human  “I want(s)”.

Ego is not a bad thing. We all need it. The problem only arises when the person is identified with ego as a creature that he/she is. The process of identification is so simple and it seems so logical for a mind to label itself to find a sense it its being. The history of people is a derivation of identity – an identification with thoughts and ways of contemporary thinking relevant for a certain period of time. We all think in time limited manner and we attempt to find life’s purpose in timely – framed mind constructs that we believe are relevant if not fatal for our lives. That is fine, but then the life of peoples or the whole history of happenings looks like  living a life on a roller-coaster – once you are up and down. Mind and thoughts are changing to real actions like Mrs. Thatcher said and if the mind intentions are heathen than there is no chance of actions being of plausible, positive nature. You are not who you think you are! Don’t get identified with your thoughts. They are only thoughts, no matter how appealing they seem to be.

I am not a spiritual teacher to teach you about this. The big “Aha” picture came to be when I discovered two great men – Barry Long and Eckhart Tolle. Check them out on youtube and listen to their free videos as they bring life – changing perspectives.

The thing why we propose achieving your full potential beyond ego is this – read on.

Why should you go beyond ego for success 

The primary reason for why you should first try to transform yourself to achieve success is this – Ego does not achieve harmony. Ego wants and wants more. It never fully understands that it has enough or that it should not want anymore. It’s like with eating. You can extinguish the feeling of being hurry by a feeling of being full. But it’s only temporary before the craving starts again. In the beginning we said that some rich people are not happy even though they have way more above their personal needs. Yeah, it’s because when you’re moved forward in your endeavor by ego, then yes you can achieve your goals, but once you achieve them, your goals become obsolete. Then you need another goals and another. Actually there is nothing wrong with goals and achieving them one after another. The wrong presumption is when your life’s meaning and happiness is rooted in those goals. And there is always what if I don’t achieve my goals? Well, if you put too many goals on yourself, what was my problem too, then go figure, you won’t achieve them all. Then what comes, self – doubt, regret? Contemplations of what would happen if  only I achieved this or that…

We want you to excel in all big four. And therefore we’re suggesting leaning to gratitude first. Choose consciousness, gratitude, living in now –  the present. If you decide to do this then you are no longer bound to obey to the swing of your mind – sometimes positive, sometimes negative almost self – destructing. After all  the vibes of negativity are stronger than the vibes of positivity.  Instead take things as they come. We believe that this is crucial to begin with in our endeavor to be excellent. Because your attitude matters a lot.  Jesus said that : …”Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”  Do not get mad or discouraged and most of all do not identify with your thoughts  – whether negative or positive. They are not you. You are the light of the universe. But whether you will let your light shine bright or let your light be smothered by fog of false mind constructs it’s your choice.

Let us summarize for what we believe is important on a road to excellence:

  • Deep conviction/ understanding that you are not what your thoughts are – you do not identify with them
  • Your happiness does not stand and fall on your ego thou it can never be completely satisfied
  • Live in now rather than dwell in past or future mind constructs
  • Gratitude is the key – be thankful for that you are here now and you’re able to experience the presence
  • All self – destructing has its origin in the thoughts and mind. Do not believe that it is true
  • Do not label yourself nor put any limits on your head – all products of identification with thoughts
  • Fear, worries and stress are only possible in mind constructs not in consciousness – presence.
  • Give your love to the world.
  • Get your mojo working

You’ll see these points in most of posts, pages, or announcements that we do. Whether it’s about social relationships, dating, achieving work productivity success (money), enhancing health or achieving better harmony and satisfaction in life. This was however important for us to distinguish, because it’s very important in helping people to achieve their full potential.

Hold on though! This is not easy. I wonder if Zen – master is living by consciousness only. He’s human after all. Fear, anxiety, madness, discourage they are all integral part of our world! And thoughts are strong. They create an electric current in your brain that it hurts sometimes and you can’t turn it off no matter how hard you try to turn it off.

You see, that’s why we created Dating pill. To help you turn the thoughts of disbelief, limitation, discouragement and self – torture, off!

With help of Dating pill and with your consciousness willing to be revealed and flourish you should be on a right path to excellence. 

We bow the consciousness within you!