What if we were like Eckhart Tolle combined with Brian Tracy ? 

We all need mentors.  If creativity is connecting things, then I ‘d choose ET + BT 

How to find a best mentor 

We all need mentors / coaches in our lives. When we are little kids usually that role is played by our parents – mom and dad. They teach  us everything they think we need to know in order to become a valuable adult human being. They do the best what they can do. In the end we grow older not only by copy – paste our parents but through criticism of their own work, their parenting. Then there are different idols and superstars that really made it in their field – usually it is a very good athlete or celebrity singer who are in scope of interest of a child or adolescent. Some are so obsessed by their idols that they choose the similar path. And if they work hard enough and the odds are in their favor, they might make it as world class athletes or celebrity entertainers. But that is not the destiny of most people. For most people there is adulthood that looks conventional – job, marriage, house, mortgage, dog, kids, big TV screen, one or two cars…

Even then we should not let go our idols. Of course they are now bit more mature. They are called mentors not idols and they remind us that everything is possible if we decide to take a path to achieve something. Everything is learn-able, but the troublesome part is that nobody is born perfect. Yes, there is certain talent by some more obvious than by others,  but even talented guys –  if they wanna become really great at something, they have to work hard for it. Did Michael Jordan have just talent? Just talent and that’s it? Yes he had a talent, but had he been just talented, he would have never achieved great things out there in basketball. Because there was drill, hard work and 10,000 + hours of fanatical practice.

Start with who am I 

Your goal is to live the best life that you possibly can.  It is not however a life of some mind – created visualization of yours that you desperately seek and cling to. You can either live only by your mind or you can admire that you are something more that pure thoughts, something that is behind thought or rather beyond thoughts. The biggest challenge is to make a piece with who I am in the first place – with reality of being – the present moment.  That you can only find within you if you realize and experience the great teachings of Buddha or Jesus.

Only if you become truly accommodated in your being, your present moment. This guy, Eckhart Tolle can enrich your life greatly. His teaching can bring new inner space into your life, that will make you see things clearer and from new perspective. When I first saw this I thought that this guy is creepy and possibly a maniac. But when I gave it a shot,  I realized that these thoughts are very deep and eyes – opening. Not long after I was so much into buying his books and I must say, that they are one of the best books ever – The Power of Now and The New Earth  – I am speaking of. For the intro there is this movie you can watch, but probably it won’t be enough. But a great intro to his work:

Ok, I kinda know that I am not just my thoughts (ego), but I still wanna be successful. How do I become successful? 

How to work Brian Tracy style

Taking deeply Eckhart Tolle teaching doesn’t mean to become lethargic and not trying to become whoever you dreamed of. Probably the biggest thing you can take from ET is to realize what is and if you can make peace with it then you’re truly victorious. Because your reality is no longer a problem. Most of the stress and human deprivation is built around incompatibility of present moment what is with your thought created world what could be, or where should I be now. If you can learn to accept what is and be eventually grateful for this you can concentrate on what you want without prejudices, without self – doubt, self – deprecating, just to accept who you are.

Brian Tracy’s teachings are originated from the same perspective. They are conceived from rational point of view however. Tolle is spiritual, but the principle is the same. In BT reality is fact , not a problem. Problem is a goal. Whatever you want to achieve it doesn’t matter where you currently are. What is your life’s  situation.  Everything that you wanna achieve, what you truly want from  deep down   in your gut is problem and problem is a goal. You don’t consider this problem as negative element. It’s a challenge. It’s a road from your contemporary living conditions. These living conditions are not bugging you down, they are not problem. In another words. You don’t solve what is, that is a fact. You just know where you wanna go and you solve how you do it.

And then if you feel that deep down in your gut that you want to accomplish something that might be bigger than yourself. Go for it. You know your present situation and you don’t judge it. You see only what you want and you do everything that you need to do, you learn everything that you need to learn in the present moment. You do it now. It doesn’t even matter that you won’t accomplish, because that’s not why you’re in this world. You are in this world, because you are. But this urge deep down that you have to create new things and try new endeavors. Do it, because you have this sense deep down that you have to do extraordinary things.  Fame, envy of friends, money and greed all won’t get you happiness. Brian Tracy tells us that everybody starts from point zero and he tells us that everything is learn-able and reachable if we try almost fanatically. It’s all about changing your mindset.  This is  one my favorite video from Brian Tracy:



Eckhart Tolle + Brian Tracy = Success Beyond Ego

So in conclusion. Eckhart Tolle teaches us something more about  who we are. These thoughts are not new. They were evangelized by Jesus or Buddha, but if not for ET I would not find my way to what Jesus wanted to say, because before I perceived his words from the stance of ego  or of pure rational thinking (This is probably what most people in Judea perceived him like).  His teaching helps you to make inner peace or to realize certain truths that lead to it.

Before I wanted to be successful, because I wanted to make people around me proud. That might be a good motivation, but what if you achieved success, you’re rich, but people around you still find their chit – chat how to put you down and make you feel miserable. You have to find inner peace. Even rich people get upset you know.

Live in symbiosis in a present moment and work hard to achieve your goals. Learn whatever skills you need to, take action in everything that pushes you forward in your endeavors.  Get your mojo working!