How to be more creative

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All our existence can be divided into state in present moment and dwelling in thoughts. I would bet that most people experience their lives through their thoughts – they constantly live somewhere in their heads. Both ways have their great meaning and I there are absolutely crucial for our well – being.

If you ever meditated and done it correctly then chances are high that you are pretty skilled in being able to switch your mind off and just experience present moment. I’d have never thought how crucial this skill maybe be for one’s existence – I wrote an article about it – Consciousness – There must be something more. In this article I speak about how important is to understand that we are more than we think and that we should throw away that “cogito ergo sum” philosophy for good and comprehend our minds as pure tools. I am not what I think I am, I am what makes my thoughts possible. And for my thoughts only I am responsible. That is the main message.

So this one is really about our mind. Do you want to become successful in any aspect you desire? Start from your thoughts. Start to use your mind as a tool and a skill. Your mind is perfectly programmable and amendable.  You just have to practice.

How to be more creative –

Oh that guy’s gotta great ideas all the time

When was the last time you met a person who was so full of great ideas on almost every topic there is? What did you think of this guy? Wow, he’s so smart! wow, he’s pretty thoughtful, he’s creative, how come I don’t have such a ideas? Well, you can become that too.The reason why you are not getting the great ideas (or just flow of ideas, not every one of them might be great – that you know only if an idea is tested in practice) is because you don’t have you brain filter on to do so.

We all think certain way because we have some filters turned on / off. That is why all is relative and two people can have totally different perspective when seeing the same thing. A transvestite with a dog can come to an office and one person can see a man dressed in woman clothes what may make his / her day as the biggest highlight. The other person can see a dog in the office. It is all depending on what kind of filters we have in brain. Our brain can’t comprehend all the objective reality outside. Instead it is creating reductions and providing us an image what reality might be. Our comprehending is always subjective.

So what if changed our filters to becoming more creative?

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How to be more creative

Attitude and writing goals down 

For becoming more creative we need to have first ideas. Develop a habit of writing your ideas down. It’s going to go hard at first, but as you progress it will come as natural as it can get.

Make a habit of writing 10 ideas per day. Download some kind of app for taking notes. If you’re not tech savvy you can use physical notebook, but have it all the time with you.  The goal is to be absolutely open to change and be absolutely judging free when your mind offers you an idea. This is very crucial. You should not judge your ideas – there are not bad nor good ideas. Your goal is to write them down. Of course you need to start your creative engine a little bit. For this two points are very necessary:

  1. To be an explorer. That is to turn on your explorer’s lust – attitude of being open, love life and will to experience new things.
  2. Challenge status quo – what if you found yourself being in a child’s mode where there is no content for your life. What if you lived in anarchy with no cultural conventions and ready made rules? What if there is none of it ?

What if…what if is the good way to start your thinking process. Be absolutely unrestricted with what if(s).

How to be more creative

Creativity is connecting things

So you are practicing writing your ideas down – you are an explorer and free – thinker. You  are getting your ideas down, and slowly it seems you are approaching your goal of 10 ideas per day (I knew you wouldn’t reach 10 goals per day immediately).

And now comes the beautiful thing – connecting your ideas. Most of your amazing ideas are gonna come not from “a table” meaning just with some electrical current occurs in your mind(meaning you have an idea), but from your ideas connection you previously wrote down and thought of. Yeah I know, maybe one day you wrote that I should displace my old couch to the patio and the other day you wrote that you’d like to start a beverage business. Obviously the connection value of those two ideas might not look very constructive at all. But the next on your list is to start a social site for students, because you can’t very well connect with your peers at faculty and here you go, maybe renting or displacing a couch could be added value for your student’s audience to join your new social site for them. Or starting a beverage business with your coach might inspire to open a new starbucks chain that will rock the world of stock markets. Everything is possible. You should just write you ideas down and shuffle them. Your intuition will do the rest. And in some connections you will find more value than in others. It actually could be the connections of not just one but two, three, four, five ideas that can great a value chain of your next great endeavor. Yeah endeavor, because I think we’re all mature enough that we should not stay only by ideas but we should implement them – put them into action. That is the different topic than creativity though.

How to be more creative – Idea man app

So to summarize all this creativity topic:

  1. Write your ideas down – use notes app or physical notebook
  2. Be open explorer and challenge status quo. Think as a child unrestricted.
  3. Connect your ideas and make a sense of them. Create new ideas based on this connectivity.
  4. Act on your ideas – you will get new ideas in the process/