Is it just a pill that will remedy my situation 

We won’t give you ” gives you wings”

So there are millions of products out there that are ought to “give you wings “. It’s an art of marketing to tell you about the value of  product like it’s game changer and your final solution – what improves the  quality of your life significantly. Red bull is a good example. In a product there is less caffeine than in a regular  cup of coffee and there is amino acid that to date is not clear (not scientifically proven) whether it is a stimulant or inhibitor. Sure there is niacin and B vitamins  that make you feel fresh, but to honestly give you wings? Ehh,  not really. But we all love to cheat ourselves, because sometimes that feels good. Red bull is a marketing endeavor and success.  Of course product as such is good, but it’s more marketing no doubt about it.

What is the market value of the firm

Marketing is not always a clear, honest message. Actually it can be pretty sly.  In Mojowa we are against this. Of course we use marketing techniques just like anybody else, but the primary goal is different. The primary goal is to inspire people and this goes from within. We want to inspire people to take their little challenges in life. Whether it is to stand in front out of the crowd for public speech or approach someone who might become your life partner. That is important.

Therefore we in Mojowa are not going to talk you to how our product Dating pill is a solution for all your dating and anxiety problems. This product is a tremendous help, but it’s not panacea for all your problems you know. That would be just stupid thing to say and we’re not like that.

What is Dating pill and what is it to me? 

We have a great product. We looked at many competitive products and checked what we can do differently. And we did. There are tons of “Calm” products on Amazon that are using GABA (main natural inhibitor of excitation), but what was pretty obvious in the products using GABA was that they were not customized for GABA to cross blood brain barrier. That is why we introduced picamilon into our stack, so not just simple GABA, but GABA + niacin as  a design product. Picamilon was not invented by us, but it was invented in early 60s in aeronautics. Therefore it had been proven enough scientifically and tested by market.

Secondly, it is not just “calm” product, but really a “calm energy” product. There is the difference, because it provides relief from stress and anxiety without sedative effect. Sleepy?  Not as much, because there are substances similar to an energy drink – caffeine, niacin, B vitamins. There are mood – enhancing components and all mixed in a synergistic manner.

Now, will you feel anxiety when approaching attractive people? Ehm yeah, maybe. Less than without dating pill, but it’s a challenge, it’s supposed to be like little edgy, don’t you think? That magic has to transform somewhere, so face it.

What do you gotta do with that ?

First of all, it will get better in time and practice. If you’ll be shaky at first public speech, second will be better for sure. If you are a salesman and you are nervous as hell with your first prospect, second, third, fourth will only get easier. And Dating pill helps.

Secondly, work on yourself. Get a coach, learn a theory and then immediately implement it to practice. Experience it, feel it, take it as it goes, and then sit down and think about it what was good, what you need to improve. Positive attitude always. That’s it.

Calm down, Focus & Get Your Mojo working !