What is Mojowa Dating pill

 Calm down – Stay focused – Get your Mojo working! 

Mojowa Dating pill is calm energy product. Imagine the benefits of a supplement that could mitigate the excitatory / stress levels a in day- to- day challenging tasks, yet you could stay cognitively fresh and clear- minded. That’s the specific demand of 21st century, isn’t it? Stress resistant and smart.

Mojowa Dating pill is designed so it tops many  calm,  calm- energy products available on the market. It’s because it has:

Picamilon2dPicamilon – probably no.1 substance in Mojowa Dating pill supplement. Picamilon is a GABA natural inhibitory substance in the body. By design, the GABA has Niacin in it, the stimulatory B complex vitamin family.  Picamilon brings the feeling of positive calm energy – anti- anxiety, yet it can stimulate the mind at the same time. You do not normally feel it except for being little light – it is like having a beer, but your cognitive skills perform better. Its half-life is up to 6 hours. Picamilon is well researched since 50s when it was discovered for aeronautic purposes in Soviet Russia. It is sold as a dietary supplement in U.S. and countries of European Union.

286px-5-Hydroxy-L-Tryptophan_(5-HTP).svg5 – HTP – natural occurring amino acid. 5- Hydroxytryptophan is a precursor of serotonin, which makes us feel happy and tranquil. There are some studies that 5-HTP could be a major help in treating depression (even Jim Carrey once mentioned that 5-HTP helps him greatly in his fight against depression states). 5-HTP is stacked together with B6 vitamin (also included in the recipe), which works in synergy with 5-HTP to produce serotonin.

Theanine L- Theanine is obtained from Green tea. It is this magic substance that has tranquilizing effect when we drink green tea. After many studies L- Theanine has found it’s place on the market, since it stimulates the creation of GABA in the body. Somehow, L-Theanine when digested works in synergy with caffeine. That’s why we did not hesitate to include caffeine in. L-Theanine is starting to be very popular as dietary supplement and food additive.

Mol2D.L.Tyrosine L- Tyrosine is not- essential amino acid and the is precursor to neurotransmitters L-Dopa, Dopamine or it can be synthesized to norepinephrine and epinephrine.  Number of studies have found tyrosine to be useful during conditions of stress, cold, and fatigue.

Mol2D.L.Arginine L- Arginine an amino acid that does NO boosting job in Mojowa Dating pill. Arginine is sometimes supplemented by body- builders as it is powerful vasodilator, which is required in order to build pump muscles. Arginine is precursor of urea, ornithine, and it is necessary for creatine synthesis. It will make you feel full of energy, and ready for a challenge.

600px-Ginsengpflanze Ginseng – one of the best selling herbal remedy for enhancing immunity, adaptation, strength and possibly as sexual arousal stimulator.

Maca  Maca herb – Maca root is an adaptogen from Peru and this herb has been used for generations as great enhancer of immunity, vitality and overall well-being. It’s a great source of zinc and copper. The Incan warriors traditionally used this herb for strength and endurance. Undoubtedly because of high amount of zinc it contains it has some aphrodisiac effect.

Planta_muira_puama Muira Puama – This plant is from Amazon rainforest. It literally means “potency wood”. It has powerful tonic properties, and there have been some studies conducted which reported significant increase in sex drive when using this “potency wood”.


Other ingredients in Dating pill: Zinc, Magnesium, B6, B12, Caffeine (60mg)

Some facts about Mojowa Dating Pill 

  • Mojowa Dating pill is made in FDA approved lab in Idaho, USA.
  • Mojowa Dating pill has tremendous quality in picked up ingredients and their ratio.  We guarantee that it’s not just placebo pill. After all it contains pica melon that was developed for cosmonauts and it’s of prescriptive nature in Russia. Other ingredients are well-researched and tested by a market as well. Even though we know we’re not selling crap, we do not sly – talking people that they will be successful at their date, job interview, ace an exam. It all depends on many factors. Dating pill is just here to help. Try it!
  • It’s safe. Read the word of caution as always, and consult your physician. Also we encourage you to be responsible and do not drink excessively when taking dating pill. GABA multiplies the effect of alcohol (cup of wine won’t hurt though).
  • Even though our recipe is pretty powerful, we will never claim to be of pharmaceutical class drug like some dietary supplements out there. We’re not here to cure, but rather to make life less stressful and motivate/help people to “Go Beyond themselves”. Our job is not to replace benzodiazepines, MAO inhibitors, drugs like Xanax and etc.
  • Mojowa Dating pill works in less than 20 minutes. So the loading time is great.
  • We encourage you to as with everything, be moderate with the usage. Sound usage plan is to take two capsules daily every day one week, and skip next week completely. When there is especially stressful event coming, take two capsules in the morning, and two capsules afternoon. Find your own plan what suits you best. Get in touch if you wanna talk about it:
  • We’re always here for you – so do not hesitate to write us ! Contact 

If you’d like more info, get into more details read more:


Mojowa Dating Pill, Explained
Calm energy product
Calm Down – Focus – Get Your Mojo Working!
Do you know that feeling when you have to take a couple of minutes to talk yourself into doing something? For example, you want to approach someone you feel really attracted to, or you have to do something you really don’t want to do (but you know  you should) like a salesman doing the next cold call? There are techniques for that. You can talk yourself into it. You can say to
yourself, “I like myself, I can do this! It’s a piece of cake!” (Even though inside you know it’s not.) What is the common reaction on these occasions? Well, it doesn’t feel good, does it? It’s itchy, shaky, sweaty and just not comfortable. That’s because of the action potential in your central nervous system, which is responsible for getting energy to your body when a stressful event occurs. It is constantly pouring out new energy that your body just cannot utilize adequately. The result is a very unnatural condition of body and soul. Who wants to
be around nervous and shaky people? People want to be around calm, balanced and focused individuals! Your subconscious sees
that something is not right, and basically it gives you three options: “You better get aggressive and defeat this state of yours, get the
hell out of here to the safe house, or freeze and do nothing.”
These are radical commandments of the primitive survival parts of our brain. You see, we have the same rudimentary hardware we
used to, when we lived in caves. It is so stupid, because there’s not a single resemblance on Earth between public speech and matters
of life and death (like being chased by a lion), and yet our system is not customized for these two very different events.
Therefore, the first logical thing to do is to block the central nervous system. If it’s too excited, and it really should not be, block
it! This doesn’t mean that you turn it off; it means you mitigate its excitation. There are tons of products called sedative hypnotics.
Most of them are prescriptive pharmaceuticals. You might have heard about benzodiazepines, barbiturates, etc., that work for
anxiety. Mojowa dating pill is a much milder over-the-counter product,  which also means that it is much safer. And it is effective, too. It does the trick with a substance called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is a natural inhibitory neurotransmitter. You
see, when you have thoughts from that little voice in your head for long enough, they produce a little electric potential. This
electric potential is causing changes in the depolarization of your synaptic membranes. Now, we don’t want to get too techy with
this subject, but here’s an overview: There are two presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes. Synapses are points of contact in which neurons exchange impulses with different cells. Located on postsynaptic membranes are so-called ionotropic receptors. There are four of them, and in case of something exciting, cationic Na+ pours into the cell through a depolarized post-synaptic membrane. This causes
excitatory reactions, and we suddenly have to act out very primal survivor instincts. What GABA does is open up a chloride ionotropic channel so that anionic Cl- can go inside the cell through a hyperpolarized postsynaptic membrane. I hope I’m not boring you too much, but this is how GABA inhibits the creation of excitatory potential. The stuff is even more complicated, since linked to these ionotropic channels are so called metabotropic channels. There are two channels, for GABA – GABAa and GABAb. These are the primary differences between prescriptive and OTC products. Prescription products are usually GABAa, and they contain higher danger. GABAb agonist is also called Picamilon, which is the substance in our Dating Pill. GABA is a wonderful antianxiety neurotransmitter. There
are many antianxiety products that contain GABA. The problem  is that the GABA alone can’t work effectively because it won’t
cross blood brain barrier (BBB). This problem makes products containing GABA alone ineffective in helping with anxiety attacks.
Only certain chemicals can make it through, and that’s where the designing genius of biochemists has to come onto the scene.
In the 50s and 60s, when Soviets were pretty much rocking it with their space technology, there was a certain demand for a drug that could calm down astronauts before a space launch. Of course they could not afford to lose their vivid cognition and get
sedated. They had to stay sharp, so Russian biochemists developed a drug that calmed down anxiety from big badass events like
space launches without inducing sedation. First, they developed drug called Phenibut, and after that Picamilon came to play. These
are very similar in function. Both substances are GABAb receptor agonists, and their goal is to bring GABA to action. The difference
is in drug design. Phenibut has a phenyl ring, which allows it to cross the BBB, and Picamilon has Niacin (B3 vitamin). The reason
we chose Picamilon over Phenibut is this: Niacin is not only helping GABA to cross the BBB, but it is also the crucial component of
an energy drink. Therefore, these two substances together create a nice effect of calming yet stimulating energy. Phenibut is also
building up natural tolerance very quickly, which is not happening so commonly with Picamilon. The Dating Pill is not only Picamilon, even though the information above gives Picamilon some attention. We have mixed substances according to their synergistic actions to give you dual benefits of calming down and energizing yourself to take on challenges. You can look at some of the ingredients right here: