Leaving comfort zone and Social anxiety Job

Dating pill can help in mitigating stress & stimulating cognition. It’s not the only solution to our problems, but it really can be a huge aid but it really can be a huge aid in challenging events. We encourage You to go for it, don’t be afraid to get what You Want!

Overcome social anxiety shyness! That can be a lot of things. To overcome social anxiety shyness means not be afraid of people how they react on your performance. Dating pill can help in many day – to – day rather stressful events. There is no need for our central nervous system to deploy stress response in situations such as – public speech, work interview, school exams – the same as we were chased by a bear in the woods. So calm down – focus & Get You Mojo Working!

The art of public speaking 

Ever had to speak in front of a big crowd? If you’re not the very eccentric, jovial kind a human being, then it feels terrible. In that moment many of us would rather die, than to stand in front of that crowd and give a speech. This art can be learned, it is perfectly learnable. With more training, the more times you do it, the more comfortable it gets. There was an informal hint that when going to face the audience the speaker should have a shot of liquor or have a beer before, so he/she feels more relaxed, so the crowd don’t recognize the tension in speaker’s mind. Don’t do it! Alcohol is going to make you stupid and say things, that will look up ridiculous. Instead we do recommend having a Dating pill before. This has some of the effect of a shot, or beer before giving a speech, but it won’t make you stupid. Instead it only improves cognitive skills, so the speaker can focus on his/ her speech even better.

Of course public speaking as mentioned above is a technique and the one has to improve his/her skills over time, but Dating pill will help. Especially to the speakers that do not give a public speech on regular basis.

public speech

 Big packs of people or overcome social anxiety shyness

Your buddies are drinking, but you can’t, you are driving ? Have Dating pill and stay on the same tunes as they are when drinking ! But you know what? You’ll be smarter than they are when drinking. 

To overcome social anxiety shyness is definitely an issue and even healthy social beings sometimes gets the feeling of anxious, tense state of a mind when facing a crowd full of emotions and gestures. It’s perfectly normal. Again Mojowa Dating pill is not intended to cure or to supplement a prescriptive drug that is supposed to cure and treat pathologic social fear and tension. It will help, but this is a solution when you don’t have to visit a doctor.

The parties are here to let go of oneself and enjoy the moment of being social. To engage with another people in good manner, the one got to get into a calm state of mind. Nobody likes anxious mind, that is unstable and shaky. Dating pill is great at doing this. At the same time it gives you mental energy to engage in shrewd social interactions. You’d be delight in a society. What else you could hope for? Being calm (people like that) and being fresh minded, full of energy (people like that too).

One word of caution. Drink responsibly on this!!! Dating pill has GABA, alcohol is pretty much GABA, it multiplies. Don’t exaggerate with drinking alcohol on Dating pill since the headaches next day will be worse indeed 🙂

Party 1

How to ace an exam 

Oh Exams! Who wouldn’t remember how many times they made us feel like to throw up literally. It’s the same life – threatening stress feeling. What’s gonna happen if I don’t pass this test? Is my future endangered? No it’s not! Then in fact we find out the grades are pretty useless in the real life. But still, being a student the biggest task/ stressful challenge is an exam. You have to study for an exam and that is pretty hard task. If one shrewdly would deploy some time management how to master the material, how to make a nice time frame. But since they don’t teach time management at school, and honestly, learning is a difficult job, most students tend to study irregularly and hence it’s intense. It’s a stressful time. The student has to gather up all the mental capacity to study yet she has to be immune against stress, that is in another hand carving out of this mental capacity.

How to call down, yet stay mentally fresh ? Right, Dating pill!

You can use it two ways:

  1. During the period of study (anti stress and focus stimulatory – it’s nootropic, means that it enhances cognitive functioning)  – don’t underestimate the need of recovery period – sleep well – GABA in Dating pill is going to help.
  2. In an exam itself – facing the committee in an oral exam or writing a test. You should get calm & focus. Dating pill to help!


Calm down! Have a Dating pill! Get that study Mojo working! 


 Work affairs – how to benefit from calm energy at the workplace

This was the very incentive why we wanted to produce something like Dating pill supplement. The name changed to Dating pill later on, but the first incentive, the first motivation was to come up with a solution that would be advanced for working environments, especially pretty stressful ones. At work too many times there are occasions when we stress each other to madness. Whether it is our boss, the report/ tasks we have to accomplish at strict time schedule or just external conditions that are not allowing to spend our work-time in good,  healthy manner.  A job is very important in individual’s life since it takes literally one third of our life. If the environment is stressful the chronic stress we bring from a work can pretty much mess out our health. Long – term solution has to be deploying anti- stress/ anxiety techniques, being open-minded, clear communication with higher ranked employees, maybe even to change the job. Short – term solution and time to time helper in tough working time schedules is Dating pill.

It is designed exactly to the working environment. You have to get stress resistant, but at the same time you can’t afford to lose any of your mental capacity. Contemporary working environments are mentally demanding, at least bosses demand your 100% focus on job tasks.

Dating pill is perfect for this task. Calm down – gear up mental capacity – and get your Mojo working! And Excel!

|Heads Up! This is not an end of the world! One time your up, one time your down. Take Dating pill if you need immediate help in stressful environment!

Job worries

Job Interview 

Turn of that Little Voice

Job Interview can be pretty stressful, but except your tactic how you’re going to sell yourself that you’re the best for the job – to mitigate stress and get some mental  stimulatory backing, you can have Dating pill. Dating pill should help you in being more easy – going and should release that self – criticism (negative self – talk)  your little voice is going about the reactions and things that in your mind you could have said better somehow, differently. At least that is our self- experience, that you tend to concentrate more on a big picture of making a good impression, than to concentrate on little things that little voice goes during an interview.

Calm energy properties in Dating pill provide the most important outcomes for job interview. Getting your mind in calmer state, yet energizing yourself for the position you’re applying for.

Jobs interview


Calm Down, Focus & Get Your Mojo Working!