Sex anxiety killer/ how to boost motivation

Dating pill can help in mitigating stress & stimulating cognition. It’s not the only solution to our problems, but it really can be a huge aid but it really can be a huge aid in challenging events. We encourage You to go for it, don’t be afraid to get what You Want!

The art of making love / how to boost motivation

Healthy sex life is an important aspect of individual’s well- being, no doubt about it. When you think about it, it’s not just our bodies, reproductive organs that are much involved in sexual intercourse as our brains are. Even if everything in endocrine system is all right, and our bodies are capable of healthy sex lives when there is a bug in our head, it deploys stress, and it is very well known, that under stress, the reproduction capability of an organism is highly mitigated or diminished completely. After all this makes sense, why would male / female brain produce reproductive commands, when he/she is chased by bear in the woods and the life is threatened? As mentioned couple of times on this site, we activate the same stress response no matter whether our life is threatened or if these are just a little things like interview for a job, or exam at school.

If you’re worried / stressed you’re not gonna enjoy sex very well. Mojowa’s Dating pill is bringing solution to this. Ever wondered? Why after drinking alcohol the sex feels different and somehow better than in sober state? I’ts because Alcohol inhibits sympathetic nervous system, hence we can literally chill out more and enjoy the moment better. Similar thing happens when you take Dating pill, but instead of getting sedated like from alcohol your cognitive motor skills even improve, so in some meaning it’s pretty much like a cup of wine without getting sedated. It feels different, you’re like more focused in the act and can really enjoy the moment better.

There is no reason not to. The anxiety from sexual intercourse is lessened, components like caffeine plus L-theanine are working in synergy to stimulate and positively focus the mind, niacin and L-arginine are vasodilating body for better blood flow. And the bonus, herbal ingredients – maca, muira puama and panax ginseng all stimulating aphrodisiacs widely used on contemporary market as sexual libido enhancers


Do women enjoy sex more 

Absolutely. Both genders focus better on the moment. And especially women require full attention of their partners in order to feel comfortable and relaxed. Women are very empathetic creatures to say and they deserve all the attention they need in order to boost the delight from a bedtime story. We believe that Dating pill helps women to relax more, because ladies tend to think about all kinds of different things than an actual sex. Dating pill can enhance focus therefore it can bring you more into the moment. Woman has to safe and focused on that moment. It’s all in psyche though. Dating pill can help to achieve better orgasms.


How to overcome performance anxiety

There is a huge market for sexual remedies out there. But guys tend to exaggerate their incapability to perform like young stallions. The performance anxiety is one of the biggest fears in sex anxiety in men.

The solution to this problem is falsely always viagra or cialis, or even a testosterone injection boost (by the way, effective just short- time as placebo). These are medicaments that are going to help with erectile dysfunction, but they are also hazard to one’s well-being. Young men in their late 20s, 30s or 40s do not need these prescriptive medicaments to satisfy their need to perform well. Instead the root of this problem lies in brain. It is the same problem when you have to take a leak in the urinal and you’re experiencing a difficulty to do so, because the guy behind you, waiting in a line, is jumping on the sides nervously. You’re under stress. Dating pill was designed exactly for this purpose – relax the stress from sex, yet stimulate the focus capacity to perform more than satisfactory. It’s gonna help in many one – night romances as well as in romantic relationships.

GABA + L-theanine + L-tyrosine = calm down

Caffeine (works with L-theanine) + B complex + L-Arginine + sexual stimulatory herbs = stimulation & focus, and better performance

5HTP = serotonin = pleasure




Calm Down, Focus & Get Your Mojo Working!